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Alex’s Angels Foundation is a North East local charity that supports Children, Young People and their Families that have been diagnosed with cancer.


At the age of 15 Alexandra was diagnosed with a rare form of Larangeal cancer, statistically 1 in every 100,000 children are diagnosed with this, the last case being in the North East over 20 years ago.

Alexandra became a patient at the RVI Great North Childrens Hospital in Newcastle. It was then she decided being a patient wasnt enough! She expressed her wish to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust to help other Children like herself on the ward. She set up a fundraising cause and named it Alexs Angels her wish was to raise £50,000. She invited family and friends to spread the word and dubbed them TEAM ALEX. Along the way she also had the support from many strangers. In just over 12 months TEAM ALEX had raised a grand total of £53,000.